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... Ms. Papayani is clearly a very talented pianist.
... She makes playing piano seem the most natural thing in the world.
... The most remarkable aspect of her technique is her tone, whose sheer size, volume and the power
are totally astonishing.
... Her tonal palette includes a soft sensitive touch...she played with real poetic sensibility, caressing
the flowing melodies with loving tenderness.
... The large audience was warmly responsive and showed its appreciation with so many floral
tributes that Ms. Papayani virtually sank under their weight.”
                       New York Concert Review, 2003

“...Viktoriya Papayani fully deserves to be mentioned in the same breath with Ms. Renee Fleming.
Like Renee, she is beautiful, and like her, as well, she is a spellbinding artist who radiates both
warmth and confidence – a love of music coupled with a love of music- making...”
                      Philip Booth
                       Former Principal Bass, Metropolitan Opera (1975-2005)

“... Miss Papayani is an exceptionally talented pianist. Her performances are very brilliant,
meaningful and always have a special personal touch.
She has an attractive personality, great musicality.
On stage, she always sends a strong musical message to the audience.
Miss Papayani is an intelligent, dedicated, serious and responsible person.
In fact, she is quite an outstanding young woman. Miss Papayani is also a successful stage
actress and a wonderful singer....”
                     Nina Svetlanova,
                     Piano Faculty
                     Manhattan School of Music
                     Mannes College of Music


“... The beautiful Viktoriya Papayani is nicely haughty as Olivia, and it's fun to watch her aristocratic composure slip, when she falls in love with Cesario and tries to stop herself from giggling over Malvolio in his ghastly yellow stockings and cross garters...”
On Twelfth Night, by Arline McKanic 2008

“...Viktoriya Papayani portrays a fully realized Cathy, the “other woman” puking because she's so enamored of her self-centered, married lover, Hal (John Griffin)...”
On Lovers and Other Strangers, by Jodi Lee Reifer 2009

“...Viktoriya Papayani brought wonderful life and energy to the show through her spot-on musical accompaniment and showed her comedic chops as well, as the Elder Sister....”
On Baal, by Faith Aeryn 2011

        “...Viktoriya Papayani's profound and utterly transporting song in the first half, “I Loved', put me in a trance and I hardly knew what place on earth or century I was in...”
On The Joy of Broken Dreams, by David Cohen 2011